January 2018

6 Mortgage Questions a First-Time Home Buyer May Be Embarrassed to Ask

  anyaberkut/iStock   Mortgage questions abound when you’re a first-time home buyer. Compounding the challenge is the embarrassment over interrupting the conversation with a would-be lender or seller to ask, “‘Scuse me, what is a credit score? How much money do I need as a down payment?” Everyone knows this stuff, right? No, they don’t all know—so […]

Jack Jenkins Homes | Jan 31, 2018

6 Surprising Ways Home Staging Can Sabotage Your Sale

  LOOK Photography/Getty Images   If there’s one thing that’s hammered home during the selling process, it’s that prospective buyers hate walking into an empty house. They need to imagine themselves in your space, and that means seeing furniture, accessories, and other decor trappings that make a house feel like a home—and wake prospective buyers to […]

Jack Jenkins Homes | Jan 25, 2018

7 Small Home Flaws That Can Be Big Deals for Buyers

  joebelanger/iStock   After living in the same home for a while, it’s amazing what you can get used to. A creaky floorboard, for instance. At the Modern Tiling website, you can find pros that can help you with these things, like a chipped tile that you’ve been meaning to replace but haven’t gotten around […]

Jack Jenkins Homes | Jan 18, 2018

5 Reasons It’ll Pay to Sell Your Home Early in 2018

  Getty Images; realtor.com   It’s been nearly a decade since the Great Recession delivered the worst housing crash in modern memory. But these days, the fallout feels squarely in the rearview mirror. Markets have bounced back with fervor, and confidence is skyrocketing: From Charlotte, NC, to Stockton, CA—and everywhere in between—homes are flying off the market […]

Jack Jenkins Homes | Jan 11, 2018

How Your Commute Time Should Affect Where You Buy a Home

zetter/iStock If you work at an office, your commute time should take high priority during your house hunt. Sure, it might be tempting to ignore a long commute if it gets you into an otherwise perfect home, but trust us—you won’t be enjoying it much if you spend countless hours every week stuck in traffic! This […]

Jack Jenkins Homes | Jan 6, 2018

Appalachian Lookout Linden VA Homes For Sale

New Homes For Sale In Appalachian Lookout In Linden VA Appalachian Lookout is one of the newest home communities in Fauquier County.  Each home is located on over 5 acres and custom built to meet your needs.  With multiple floor plans available, you’ll be sure to find the new home you are looking for below. […]

Jack Jenkins Homes | Jan 5, 2018

What Is ‘House Poor’? What It Means, and Whether You’re at Risk

SARINYAPINNGAM/iStock What is “house poor”? This phrase describes home buyers who’ve purchased property they can’t easily afford—and are now paying the price, as it were. “If you can’t spend your income the way you want to because so much of it is going to housing expenses, you’re house poor,” says Debra Neiman, a financial planner at […]

Jack Jenkins Homes | Jan 2, 2018