February 2018

How the Japanese Art of Kakeibo Can Help You Buy a House

  wutwhanfoto/iStock; realtor.com   There’s a Japanese art to everything, including how to save up for a house! It’s called kakeibo, and it’s catching on for good reason: It claims to help people save more than one-third of their income—which could add up to a down payment on a house pretty quick. Pronounced kah-keh-boh (which means “household financial […]

Jack Jenkins Homes | Feb 24, 2018

The Best and Worst Cities for First-Time Home Buyers in 2018 Include Some Shockers

Davel5957/iStock Think San Francisco or New York City would be the most challenging place to buy your first home? Nope—first-time home buyers will struggle far more in Denver. Really. This surprising finding comes from LendingTree’s just-released list of the best and worst cities for first-time home buyers. LendingTree researchers ranked the 100 largest U.S. cities not only by the price of homes, but […]

Jack Jenkins Homes | Feb 16, 2018

5 Epic Fights All Couples Are Bound to Have When Trying to Buy a House

  HDesert/iStock; realtor.com   First comes love, then comes marriage, next comes … escrow, closing costs, and school district squabbles? Few things (aside from bachelor parties) test new love quite like buying a house together. Which makes sense: With real estate, there’s an awful lot on the line. As such, “small tensions and challenges tend to become inflated, difficult obstacles,” […]

Jack Jenkins Homes | Feb 15, 2018

Wayland Manor Culpeper VA

New Homes For Sale In Wayland Manor Culpeper VA View details of the new homes in the Wayland Manor subdivision built by Richmond American Homes in Culpeper, Virginia. For more details feel free to visit the official Wayland Manor subdivision website by Richmond American Homes here.  You can also view the proposed site map below. […]

Jack Jenkins Homes | Feb 13, 2018

How to Explain a Gap in Employment on a Mortgage Application

  iStock; realtor.com   A gap in employment can be a tough thing to explain, especially on a mortgage application. If you’re going to depend on a lender to help you buy a home, your employment history is one of the most scrutinized parts of your application. Any gaps in your employment history can affect your getting approved for […]

Jack Jenkins Homes | Feb 3, 2018