6 Coronavirus-Friendly Home Upgrades That Cost Less Than $10K—and Will Bring In Offers

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Getting home upgrades to pay off is notoriously tricky, but is absolutely worth it. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has made completing even minor projects more difficult, as many nonessential construction projects have been halted.

And while it might seem crazy to take on a big-ticket project in a time of economic uncertainty, many home buyers are still looking for turnkey properties with attractive amenities. So if you’re a seller with a house in need of a little TLC, you should focus on relatively low-budget upgrades and simple home and kitchen remodeling projects that will seriously juice your home’s value.

Below, our experts spill on the home improvements under $10,000 that buyers are perennially interested in, plus the trending ones whose popularity is likely to last.

Deep cleaning: $500 or less

Scuffs on doors, counters, cabinets, and walls; a ring of scum around a drain; cobwebs in basement corners; toys or tools peppering lawns and patios—these all look bad in the eyes of potential buyers. Luckily, eradicating these blemishes doesn’t take much, you can also invest in stone cladding, this will make your walls look nicer.

“Deep cleaning is one of the most important things you can do for a little money that dramatically increases your value in the market,” says Heather Wendlandt, a real estate agent with the San Diego-based Team Kolker. “The Magic Eraser and elbow grease can go a long way.”

She says deep cleaning, plus basic paint touch-ups, can increase home values by thousands. Maintain your property with the help of a residential and commercial janitorial services company that can provide professional house cleaning services to avoid health issues in the long run.

Front-door upgrade: $2,000 or less

Thee front door is the first part of a home that a potential buyer will interact with, so it’s worth lavishing attention on every detail, you can learn more about it here. A fresh coat of paint, new hardware, or updated accessories like house numbers, door knockers, and attractive lighting are all easy and relatively inexpensive to obtain, which you can do through comprehensive Lighting Installation In Woodstock, GA. Apart from the front door, you may contact a siding contractor to determine the best siding material that can upgrade the aesthetics and value of your home.

Wilmington, NC–based real estate agent-turned-blogger Rebecca Fernandez says that when she was given a listing that sat on the market without activity for months, a front-door upgrade helped make a difference.


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“I convinced the homeowners to provide me with a budget of $500,” Fernandez says. “It was a very small Cape Cod home, painted dark beige, with an unflattering wood front door. To add contrast, I purchased black vinyl shutters and painted the door a dark red. Next, we cleaned up the front lawn, did some lawn care, contacted dumpster rentals to pick up trash, and purchased a door mat, flowerpots, and mums, since it was autumn, and we wanted it to have a fresh, seasonal look. After those minor tweaks, with new pictures online and the added curb appeal, we drew multiple buyers and sold the property quickly.”

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Touchless fixtures and fresh-air systems: $200 to $5,000

During the pandemic, certain fixtures have become more relevant—and coveted—than ever.

What buyers want right now are touchless fixtures like sinks and toilets that eliminate your need to come into contact with a germ-filled surface, says Scott Campbell, team leader at Cedarburg, WI’s Re/Max. Both of these upgrades cost a few hundred dollars to install around the house.

Another pandemic must-have is excellent airflow.

“Updating mechanical systems and adding a RenewAire system that pulls fresh air into the home every few hours is a huge plus for buyers,” Campbell says. “Ultraviolet air exchanges that help kill viruses are also smart investments and very practical for home showings during the pandemic.” In addition, regular air conditioning services with the help of a professional air conditioning contractor would improve the air quality at home, at the same time, it ensures the maximum efficiency of your AC unit. For the best HVAC company search online and visit their website.

Better kitchens and bathrooms: $9,000 or less

Kitchens and bathrooms that look outdated or cheap can sink the value of an entire home.

Tracy Jones, an associate with Re/Max Platinum Realty, witnessed firsthand how a kitchen face-lift boosted her home’s value.

“During the years we’ve done some hefty kitchen remodeling projects, but resurfacing our kitchen cabinets cost less than $4,000. We replaced the cheap-looking plywood cabinets with white doors and custom-built drawer fronts with soft-pull hardware,” she says. “We also upgraded the 1990s Formica countertops with a granite countertop installation for $4,000, creating a modern look.” You can check out companies like Granite Transformations: marble countertops for countertops. If you want a more open kitchen, you might need a load bearing wall repositioning service to gain more space.

Jones believes these upgrades helped them bring in a profit. They bought the home for $189,000 in 2006 and sold it for $425,000 in 2020. Hence, bathroom remodeling can definitely add value to your home whether or not you’re planning to sell it in the near future. If you don’t have the budget for a major renovation, you may focus on individual aspects of your kitchen. For instance, you can hire a dairy brick repair contractor to fix your dairy brick flooring.

Bathrooms can also make or break a deal, we have seen new addition in many commercial places with the automatic washers and the air care solutions systems.

Erik Wright, owner of New Horizon Home Buyers in Chattanooga, TN, says he helped renovate and flip a home that cost him $80,000 and was sold for $140,000. Of the $15,000 he invested in home improvement, Wright put $9,000 toward upgrades on the kitchen and bathroom, including light fixtures, new cabinets and counters, fresh towels, and new vanities and faucets. All told, he cleared $45,000, primarily through small tweaks and electric repair with the help of an electrical company such as https://mitchellelectric.com/; for electrical guidance visit website for more details.

Backyard upgrades: $500 to $10,000

Backyards are now thought of as an extension of the home.

“For those in the suburbs, pools, koi ponds, and fountains are newfound hot-selling items,” says Neal Clayton, licensed partner at Engel & Völkers in Nashville, TN. A small water feature that makes a soothing impression can be purchased and installed for as little as $500.

“Fire pits and outdoor kitchens with basic cabinetry and outdoor furniture are also frequently requested as people find creative ways to expand their living spaces,” Clayton says.

A solid wood outdoor playhouse can also provide your children, if you have any, a good sense of entertainment.

Home office: $10,000 or less

Home offices were on their way out before the pandemic, but they are all the rage now. Converting a room and buying all of the furniture, accoutrements, and shelving cost well under $10,000, experts say. A new timber flooring can also make your home office more presentable and appealing to potential homebuyers. You can visit sites like jmthompson.com/our-services/general-contracting/ to know how much it would cost.

If you’re on the fence about carving out a home office space, consider this: Many buyers won’t consider a home these days if it doesn’t have a place where working or schooling from home is feasible. With that said, make sure that you also have a phone and internet for your office so you can have fast connection. Visit https://www.EATEL.com/residential/phone/ or similar sites and see the available packages.

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