Some would assume that millennials like myself dream of having their first home decked out with built-in selfie sticks and voice-activated appliances. Though these would surely be welcomed additions to any starter home, our demands aren’t quite as far-fetched.

Emphasis on education, advances in technology, and the ever-evolving economy have collectively transformed the homebuying experience for the babies of baby boomers. Now, over-the-top amenities are standard staples in the millennial house-hunt, making luxuries necessities.

Here are six must-haves for eager millennials hunting for their first home:

1) More light, more likes

Millennials want a new home that's naturally bright

Any seasoned photographer will say that light is the key to an incredible photo. So naturally, stellar lighting is a top-priority for avid Instagrammers. And with window walls rising in popularity downtown, developers are giving us just what we need to get a steady stream of sunlight for a flawless selfie.

2) Pet paradise

Millennials want a new home that's pet friendly

While managing steep student debts and chasing lofty career goals, many millennials are choosing to postpone family life, making furry friends more like pseudo-children.

Considering this, proud young pet owners desire animal-friendly amenities, such as grooming stations or daycares that will give their pets a place to play while they are at work.

3) Work space

Millennials want a new home with work space

As more millennials pursue careers in tech, dull days at the office are seeing their demise.  Technology gives workers more comfortable mobility without sacrificing productivity. Many enjoy an abundance of options that allow them to work in their environment of choice, whether it be at a cafe, a coworking space, or at home.

Today, millennials are looking for a home with an office or work space. Having a separate space for work makes it easier to focus on tasks and avoid distractions. It also encourages a healthy work-life balance, as it can be overwhelming when your work is literally following you to bed. In a condo, an in-house coworking space for residents would fit perfectly with the millennial mantra that prioritizes career, convenience, and collaboration.

4) Sharing

Millennials want a new home with shareables

Sharing allows young downtown dwellers to get what they want when they want it. Condo car shares appeal to millennials because they provide the option of driving a car without the costly commitment of owning one. Condo bike shares would surely entice young buyers in the same fashion. Even if other modes of transportation are used more frequently, having options at your disposal is an added plus.

5) Electric car charging stations

Millennials want a new home that's eco-friendly

It’s not easy being green. Seriously.

As millennials, we understand the importance of making eco-friendly choices, but these choices often elicit more time, research, effort and money. Environmentally-friendly appliances and amenities are vital to young buyers because they show that developers share our concern for the environment.

More and more of my eco-conscious friends are choosing hybrid and electric cars to control their carbon footprint. So in a condo, built-in charging stations are a convenient attraction for young buyers.

6) Online, all the time

Millennials want a new home that's online all the time

In many ways, my generation has swapped the traditional for technological and we’re not looking back. With that, paper is becoming very passé so it’s imperative that there are online options for buyers to read and sign documents, pay bills, and correspond with developers. It would also be nice to have more web based platforms to communicate with property management.

Moving out is a major milestone and although it’s extremely unlikely that you will get all of your must-haves as a young buyer, it’s important that you find a home that caters to your needs but doesn’t neglect your wants.

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