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So You Wanna Buy a House? Step 3: Figure Out What You Can Afford

Knowing you want to buy a home is one thing; knowing what you can pay for is quite another. Too often, dreams and reality collide: You’re yearning for a four-bedroom Colonial, but your wallet can handle only a two-bedroom bungalow. So how do you filter the myriad options out there? Welcome to Step 3 in our 2016 […]

Jack Jenkins Homes | Jan 23, 2016

9 Ways to Stay Warm This Winter Without Turning Up the Heat

D Trocio Photography/Getty Images The chill will be here before you know it—or, depending on where you’re reading this, it’s already arrived with a scary vengeance. Whether at home or in your workplace, your first instinct is to have a burner service to prepare your heating system. However, you have two options other than cranking […]

Jack Jenkins Homes | Dec 16, 2015

7 Ways to Get Top Dollar for Your Home During the Off-Season

ericsphotography/iStock After a record-setting summer selling season in many parts of the country, home sales have quieted down for the fall. If you’re putting your home on the market, you might see that as an obstacle, but it can be an opportunity. Even if there is less traffic, there’s less competition from other sellers. In a market where inventory is already tight, […]

Jack Jenkins Homes | Nov 11, 2015

The Average Homebuyer Credit Score Has Dropped to 723

Last month, the average homebuyer’s credit score was at its lowest level in at least four years, according to a report from mortgage software company Ellie Mae, which processed 3.7 million loan applications last year. Borrowers whose mortgages closed in September had an average FICO credit score of 723. That’s the lowest the average credit […]

Jack Jenkins Homes | Oct 29, 2015

I Need Down Payment Help. What Are My Options?

Many real estate experts suggest that you put at least 20% down on a home loan, but not everyone has that kind of cash on hand. The days of easy credit qualification may have come and gone, but there are still options out there for those with the right mortgage qualifications but without a proper savings or […]

Jack Jenkins Homes | Oct 10, 2015

Best Restaurants In Culpeper VA

Must Visit Culpeper VA Restaurants If you are looking for a great meal and don’t want to travel out of town, then check out these highly recommended restaurants in Culpeper.  These are the top 10 restaurants in town in no particular order.  You can’t go wrong with one of these great establishments. China Garden Buffet […]

Jack Jenkins Homes | Sep 26, 2015

No Down Payment USDA Home Loans

USDA Rural Development Home Loan Not many home buyers in Northern Virginia are aware of this great no down payment home loan program that is offered by the USDA.  If you thought you needed a big down payment to buy a home, think again.  Learn more about the USDA Rural Development Guaranteed Housing Loan program […]

Jack Jenkins Homes | Jul 27, 2015

Avoid The Pitfalls Of Buying A Fixer Upper

Fixer Upper Buying Tips Do you know everything about real estate? Even the most professional of buyers still learn something new occasionally, as there is a lot to know. Apply the advice from this article the next time you are planning on purchasing real estate; they will help you make informed decisions. When trying to […]

Jack Jenkins Homes | Jul 3, 2015

About Jack Jenkins Samson Properties Realtor  571-229-6877  Call/Text jackjenkinshomes@gmail.com Selling Your Home Selling a home in today’s market is about dominating online.  More than 90% of all home buyers start house hunting using the internet.  You will be hard pressed to find another Realtor in Northern Virginia that gives their clients the type of online […]

Jack Jenkins Homes | Jun 30, 2015