Tips For Selling Your Home

6 Surprising Ways Home Staging Can Sabotage Your Sale

  LOOK Photography/Getty Images   If there’s one thing that’s hammered home during the selling process, it’s that prospective buyers hate walking into an empty house. They need to imagine themselves in your space, and that means seeing furniture, accessories, and other decor trappings that make a house feel like a home—and wake prospective buyers to […]

Jack Jenkins Homes | Jan 25, 2018

7 Small Home Flaws That Can Be Big Deals for Buyers

  joebelanger/iStock   After living in the same home for a while, it’s amazing what you can get used to. A creaky floorboard, for instance. At the Modern Tiling website, you can find pros that can help you with these things, like a chipped tile that you’ve been meaning to replace but haven’t gotten around […]

Jack Jenkins Homes | Jan 18, 2018

Don’t Hire a Home Stager Without Asking These 10 Questions

Yuri_Arcurs/iStock Can a savvy home stager be the secret to selling your home fast—and for top dollar? Many real estate experts say yes. Home staging entails hiring an experienced professional to bring in furniture, accessories, and art that will make your house look its best and appeal to the appropriate buyer. If you’re still living in […]

Jack Jenkins Homes | Dec 27, 2017

How to Sell Your Home During the Holidays

  iStock;   Wondering how to sell your house fast during the holidays? While putting your home on the market between winter celebrations, school vacations, and looming family visits might seem like miserable timing, sellers could actually benefit by using this period strategically to show and possibly even sell their place. When moving the […]

Jack Jenkins Homes | Dec 13, 2017

Think Big: 7 Home Staging Secrets to Make a Small Living Room Look Huge

  vicnt/iStock   When it comes to home staging, there’s really one golden rule: Make your space look bigger to would-be buyers. And perhaps nowhere is that concept more vitally important than in the living room—the place where homeowners tend to spend most of their time entertaining and relaxing, and where potential buyers will be placing […]

Jack Jenkins Homes | Nov 30, 2017

Yes, You Can Sell a Fixer-Upper As Is, but Should You?

WoodenDinosaur So your home has foundation problems and you just got an estimate for fixing it. Ouch! Or maybe a leak in your roof has led to the discovery that the entire thing needs to be replaced. Or termites have been eating their way through the wood frame of your home, and you’re just now […]

Jack Jenkins Homes | Sep 22, 2017

Are Property Taxes Lower on Townhouses and Condos?

  golero/iStock   If you’re planning on buying a home, you might wonder whether property taxes are lower on townhouses and condos. It seems plausible enough: Smaller home, smaller tax bill, right? But your property’s square footage is just a small factor that goes into determining how much property tax you owe. Let’s look at what goes into that number and if […]

Jack Jenkins Homes | Sep 22, 2017   Home staging can seem like a magical process—transforming your cluttered, uninspired bungalow into a dream home that instantly inspires multiple offers. A professional stager will have knowledge on the most desirable design trends and bring stylish furniture and accessories to transform your home. But if your budget doesn’t accommodate this oft-pricey service, fear […]

Jack Jenkins Homes | Jul 13, 2017