It’s a Groove Thing: Miami Condo From the Days of Disco Available for $529K

Groovy, Baby: Colorful Miami Condo with 1970s Decor Has Discoed onto the Market

Is it possible that a condo with original 1970s decor could be considered move-in ready?

It is for one eye-popping pad in Miami with a $529,999 price tag.

The home is filled with disco-era design and is ready for its next owner—who may very well want to preserve the home’s groovy, flamingo-hued motif.

“You see the rotunda area with the circular pink couch and the mirrors on top?” asks Judy Jordan with BHHS EWM Realty. “It’s very vintage and embracing as you walk in. It’s so fun.”


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Living space

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1970s time capsule

The original owner has lived in the 2,320-square-foot condo since 1975.

Jordan notes that the place, which was decorated to the hilt by a designer, was once featured on the cover of an architectural magazine. And very little has since changed.

“It’s a time capsule of the ’70s,” Jordan says. “Every single area is wallpapered”—even many of the ceilings.

Main bathroom

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Main bedroom

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Second main bathroom

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There are bedroom closets that got the wallpaper treatment, along with the three bathrooms, and all of the colorful living spaces.

‘Nobody wants to change a thing’

“Everybody who walks in falls in love, and they want the furniture,” Jordan says. “Nobody wants to change a thing. Everything is immaculate, and there’s nothing to be touched. People just want it the way it is.”

Jordan says she has even heard from people who don’t want the condo but want to buy the furnishings.


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Second bedroom

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The main bedroom has padding on the walls, fabric on the ceiling, two closets, and two bathrooms.

Bold color choices abound throughout the home. The main suite’s dominant shade is emerald green, while the bathroom for the second bedroom is a rich rose hue.

The condo is located in the Cricket Club. According to Jordan, it’s a community with lots of amenities and plenty of stories from the ’70s.

“In the days of disco, they had a disco downstairs where everybody went and danced,” she says. “That, too, was a time capsule, with a disco ball and red vinyl.”


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Living space and balcony

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Dining area

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Some of the condo’s living spaces overlook the Miami skyline.

“There are two balconies, and you can see the sunset off the kitchen,” Jordan says. “Then there’s a large balcony on the other side that looks north, and you see the city lights and partial water views.”

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