Popular Communities In Rappahannock County 

Northern Virginia’s Rappahannock County is rural. Its scenic beauty, outdoor leisure, and thriving arts and culture scene are famous. This guide will help you understand Rappahannock County’s real estate market and the perks of living in this unique community if you’re buying a house there.

Rappahannock Residents

Rappahannock County has 7,000 people with a median age of 49. The county’s undulating hills, woodlands, and agriculture offer many outdoor activities. Shenandoah National Park and Rappahannock State Park offer hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities throughout the county.

Rappahannock County’s arts and culture complement its natural beauty. The county has various festivals and events and many galleries, studios, and museums. Washington, Virginia, a Civil War battleground, is one of several historical places in the county.

Rappahannock County’s public and private schools are strong. Several Rappahannock County Public Schools District schools received top Virginia Department of Education ratings.

Rappahannock County Real Estate

Rappahannock County has a varied real estate market. Depending on location, size, and type, Rappahannock County homes cost roughly $500,000.

The county’s old homes and estates have been wonderfully preserved. Newer homes and big acreages offer plenty of area for outdoor leisure and hobby farming.

If you want to buy a house in Rappahannock County, you need a local real estate agent with experience. Many local agents and brokers can help you find the right property for your requirements and budget.

Rappahannock Homebuying

Purchasing a property in Rappahannock County can be difficult, but with the correct help, it can be rewarding. Here are some Rappahannock County homebuying tips:

  • Collaborate with an experienced local real estate agent to navigate the market and find the ideal property.
  • Pre-approve for a mortgage before house hunting. This will help you budget and streamline your property hunt.
  • Consider location, size, and type. Rappahannock County has several properties, so take your time to pick one that suits your lifestyle.
  • Collaborate with a trusted home inspector to ensure the property is in good condition and free of major issues.

Rappahannock County is a beautiful, active place to buy a house. Rappahannock County has a great quality of life due to its gorgeous scenery, rich history, and solid education system. Work with to find your ideal house.

Explore the latest homes for sale in the most popular Rappahannock County communities below.

Rappahannock County VA Communities

Amissville VA Homes For SaleCastleton VA Homes For SaleChester Gap VA Homes For Sale
Flint Hill VA Homes For SaleHuntly VA Homes For SaleSperryville VA Homes For Sale
Washington VA Homes For SaleWoodville VA Homes For SaleBoston Homes For Sale

Map of Rappahannock County Communities

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Popular Rappahannock County Subdivisions

Blue Ridge Mt. EstatesPeyton FarmTwin FallsFir Hill
Greenwich GardensWildwood Forest

Amissville Homes For Sale

Amissville, Virginia, has a population of roughly 1,000 people and is a calm and picturesque town. Amissville provides a serene and rural lifestyle while being close to larger communities such as Warrenton and Culpeper. Amissville’s cost of living is quite low, making it an economical option for individuals wishing to buy a home. Amissville home prices vary depending on property size, location, and age, but a three-bedroom home costs roughly $350,000 on average. Amissville, despite its modest size, boasts various local services, such as a post office, gas station, and grocery shop, making it a convenient and comfortable area to live.

Castleton Homes For Sale

Castleton, Virginia is a quiet tiny town in Rappahannock County with a population of roughly 200 people. The village provides a peaceful and rural lifestyle while having a cheaper average property price than adjacent regions such as Warrenton and Culpeper. The median property value is around $400,000, and there are only a few houses for sale. Castleton has a post office, a grocery store, and a gas station as local facilities. The annual Castleton Festival, which showcases world-class music and artistic acts, is held in the town. Castleton is ideal for individuals looking for a tranquil and private lifestyle with distinctive charm and beauty.

Chester Gap Homes For Sale

Chester Gap, Virginia is a picturesque unincorporated village in Rappahannock County with a population of approximately 900 people. With a median property value of $300,000, the village provides a calm and private living. Although housing alternatives are limited, outdoor enthusiasts can visit the adjacent Shenandoah National Park. Chester Gap has a few local amenities, although inhabitants can easily commute to larger towns such as Front Royal and Warrenton. Chester Gap’s magnificent natural beauty and low cost of living make it an appealing alternative for people seeking a rural lifestyle.

Flint Hill Homes For Sale

Rappahannock County, Virginia is the location of the small community of Flint Hill, which has a population of around 200. Flint Hill is in a rural location. Residents of Flint Hill enjoy a lifestyle that is peaceful, quiet, and marked by a strong sense of community. Few properties are available for purchase in Flint Hill, which adds to the high median property value of approximately $500,000 in the area. The town offers its citizens a few various facilities, including a post office, several businesses, and several eateries. Hikers, campers, and those interested in various types of recreation will appreciate the close vicinity to Shenandoah National Park, which offers several options for each of these activities. Flint Hill is the type of location to which individuals should move if they wish to live a peaceful life in the country.

Huntly Homes For Sale

Huntly, a small rural town in Rappahannock County, Virginia, has a population of about 400 people. Residents of Huntly enjoy a tranquil, quiet lifestyle that is marked by a strong feeling of community. With a median home value of around $500,000, Huntly has a lower cost of living than the national average. The community has a post office, a gas station, and a few small stores and businesses. Hikers, campers, and those interested in other sorts of recreation may appreciate the vicinity to Shenandoah National Park, which offers a range of options for each of these activities. Huntly is suitable for those seeking a peaceful and rural lifestyle.

Sperryville Homes For Sale

Sperryville, in Rappahannock County, has a population of 350 people. Sperryville’s scenery is well-known. The natural beauty and ancient charm of the town foster a serene, idealistic way of life. Sperryville has few available properties, with a median price of $350,000. Residents have access to the town’s post office, grocery store, and other businesses. Shenandoah National Park is close and offers several hiking, camping, and other recreational opportunities. Sperryville is an ideal community for those seeking a calm country lifestyle.

Washington Homes For Sale

Washington, Virginia, commonly known as Little Washington, is a community in Rappahannock County with a population of approximately 150. The town is renowned for its lovely and small ambiance, as well as its abundance of historical landmarks and breathtaking natural beauty. There are a limited amount of homes for sale in Washington, where the median value of a home is roughly $500,000. There are a few local amenities in the town, including a post office, small stores, and restaurants. Outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy the Shenandoah National Park, which offers hiking, camping, and other recreational opportunities. Washington is ideal for individuals seeking a calm and attractive small-town existence.

Woodville Homes For Sale

Rappahannock County’s 250-person Woodville is a rural town. The village is noted for its peace and community. Hikers, fishermen, and hunters love the area’s undulating hills, woodlands, and agriculture. Post offices, gas stations, and small retailers exist in town. Woodville has few residences for sale and a median property value of $400,000. Due of Woodville’s popularity, certain homes may receive several bids. Working with a qualified real estate agent who can help you understand the local market and select the right home is crucial. Overall, Woodville is a beautiful town that offers a unique lifestyle for those seeking a rural and close-knit community, but homebuyers must act quickly to get their dream home in this highly sought-after area.