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The chill will be here before you know it—or, depending on where you’re reading this, it’s already arrived with a scary vengeance. Whether at home or in your workplace, your first instinct is to have a burner service to prepare your heating system. However, you have two options other than cranking up the thermostat; you can up your layering game (and risk looking like the Michelin man), or search for other types of heat treatment to keep you and the family toasty.

Here’s the good news: There’s a slew of products that can warm your home in an array of astonishing ways, from heated rugs to countertops to driveways (no more shoveling snow!). Here’s a sampling of the innovative options.

Heating panels

You’ll want your back up against this wall, then for designer radiators you have to have a look at Nevelli Designer Radiators as they offer some exceptional radiators that just look amazing.

Radiant heating panels

Radiators and vented systems work perfectly well throughout the house, but add a few radiant heating panels to your room of choice to fire up the cozy factor. Starting at $600;

Heated driveway

Do you really need a heated driveway? You’ll never know until you have one!

Heated driveway
You might love a fresh snowfall a little more (instead of cursing it) if you don’t have to shovel it. You can increase safety and eliminate snow and ice by installing a heated driveway. Around $2,500 plus installation;

Heated rug pads

You can sweep this fancy heating element under the rug.


A heated rug sounds pretty appealing, no? The plug-in pad slips under a standard area rug. We have a feeling the kids (and pets) will be flocking to this one. Starting at $150;

Heated countertops

Granite counters that keep you warm, not your food

Heated granite countertops

The cool touch of granite is fabulous in the summer, but it’s not so great when you’re trying to make coffee on a chilly winter morning. The solution: heated countertops. Installable and stick-on are available. Starting at $750;

Heated towel rack

Question: What’s better than a toasty towel after a shower?

Heated towel rack

You can banish après-shower cold shocks with this toasty towel rack, one of the products that helped kick off the whole heated gear trend a few years back. $160;

Heated mattress cover

Answer: A toasty mattress cover is better than a toasty towel!

Heated mattress cover
Ten heat settings and dual control means everyone will be snug on this sherpa mattress cover. Starting at $65;

Boot heater

This boot-drying gadget will sweep you off your feet.

Boot dryer

Can’t bear the thought of slipping your little piggies into wet, cold boots for another schlep outside? Avoid the torture with a space-saving boot dryer. $35;

Heated slippers

Kick cold feet to the curb with these slippers.

Heated slippers

These heated indoor-outdoor slippers work as shoes, too, depending on your definition of footwear and, um, style. $125;

Heated toilet seat

The ultimate throne

Heated toilet seat

Let’s be honest: This heated toilet seat (with night light!) is quietly appealing. We’ll leave it at that. $122;

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9 Ways to Stay Warm This Winter Without Turning Up the Heat