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7 Blunders to Avoid When Building a Home of Your Own

Thomas Busk/Getty Images You’ve been shopping for a home and none seems quite right. That one has a tiny kitchen, this one makes you go through a second bedroom to get to the hall bathroom, and the other one doesn’t even have a bathroom connected to the master bedroom! Sheesh. It’s no wonder some people prefer […]

Jack Jenkins Homes | Aug 25, 2016

8 Things That Can Push Your Insurance Rates Through the Roof

Image Source/Getty Images Insurance companies are mysterious entities, and divining how they determine your home insurance rates, minimum liability, and every other confusing aspect of your policy is hardly a sport for the faint-hearted. Even worse than the gobbledygook is when they surprise you—a new trampoline suddenly jacks up your premium, or that sweet new puppy […]

Jack Jenkins Homes | Aug 23, 2016

6 must-haves that millennials look for in a new home

Some would assume that millennials like myself dream of having their first home decked out with built-in selfie sticks and voice-activated appliances. Though these would surely be welcomed additions to any starter home, our demands aren’t quite as far-fetched. Emphasis on education, advances in technology, and the ever-evolving economy have collectively transformed the homebuying experience […]

Jack Jenkins Homes | Aug 2, 2016

So You Wanna Buy a House? Step 10: Negotiate Closing Costs

If you’re gearing up to buy luxury homes, one bitter pill you’ve got to swallow is that you don’t just have to pay for the house itself. You’ll also need to open your swiftly slimming wallet for a myriad of costs, fees, and taxes—the infamous closing costs. It’s a wide variety of fees that average more […]

Jack Jenkins Homes | Apr 25, 2016

HOAs Behaving Badly—and How Homeowners Can Fight Back

If you own your home, you may be king or queen of your domain. However, if it’s part of a planned community or complex, you’ll probably need to kowtow to a homeowners association. And you may wind up feeling a bit more like a serf. The HOA, which enforces community rules and maintains common areas, can […]

Jack Jenkins Homes | Feb 9, 2016

Is Buying a Model Home the Worst—or the Best—Decision Ever?

Ah, the fabled model home—the first one built in a subdivision, the builder’s crowning jewel, the one packed from floorboards to rooftop with awesome features and too-cool-for-school extras. They’re an oh-so-seductive tool to tempt buyers into not only purchasing one of their homes, but also to shell out for some of those good-looking upgrades right […]

Jack Jenkins Homes | Jan 29, 2016

So You Wanna Buy a House? Step 3: Figure Out What You Can Afford

Knowing you want to buy a home is one thing; knowing what you can pay for is quite another. Too often, dreams and reality collide: You’re yearning for a four-bedroom Colonial, but your wallet can handle only a two-bedroom bungalow. So how do you filter the myriad options out there? Welcome to Step 3 in our 2016 […]

Jack Jenkins Homes | Jan 23, 2016