Taylor Spellman Reveals the One Color To Never Use in a House


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Have you ever tried to repaint your house but couldn’t figure out the best shades to use? Taylor Spellman of the Discovery+ series “One Week To Sell” is here to help!

In the episode “Tiny House Needs Big Solutions,” Spellman heads to the charming town of Addisleigh Park, NY, to fix up an abode that measures 1,130 square feet.

The home has great curb appeal, but inside, the rooms are painted all the wrong colors, making the space look awkward and old. I just wanted to call experts like the Tony Painting painters and decorators dublin company to fix it.

“It’s dated,” real estate agent Nadine Morency-Mohs says. “Millennials, they want to walk in here and see a modern home.”

Spellman has just five days and $6,500 to give this house a fresher, more modern look. But with a tiny floor plan and a small budget, Spellman and her team may just fall short.

Read on to learn Spellman’s best painting tips and how to highlight a home’s best features on the cheap and carpeting with joners dublin at Deltajoinery which you can see here for different areas in the house.

Never use yellow in a house you’re planning to sell

living room
Before: Taylor Spellman says this living room is the wrong color for selling.


When Spellman walks into this house, she’s immediately turned off by the wall color in the living room. The whole room is yellow, a color she knows will scare away buyers.

“A cardinal rule for designing a home for sale is to stay away from orange and yellows,” Spellman explains. “They don’t photograph well, and emotionally, yellow is—it’s not the best.”

living room
After: This chic blue tone will attract more buyers.


Spellman decides to repaint the living space a deep sapphire, with a jewel-tone color scheme for the entire house.

“This home is a traditional Tudor, so I want to have the design be stately and have a pop of color. And nothing says that more than jewel tones,” Spellman says.

In the end, the living room looks incredible. The deep color feels rich and cozy, a big improvement from the yellow.

Use an oversized rug to make a room seem bigger

This rug is oversized, but it looks great.


While a coat of blue paint helps the living room look more welcoming, Spellman realizes that this small room still feels pretty tight.

So she gets a large rug to lay down in the space.

“It’s just a little too big,” she says of the rug, “so it tricks the buyer’s eye into thinking that this room is bigger than it actually is.”

Plus, Spellman points out, the rug covers all the scuffs on the floor, making this choice a win-win!

A unique ceiling design can draw attention to all the right places

dining room
Before: This dining room looked dated.


In the dining room, Spellman is once again disappointed with the paint color. All four walls are a deep red, which Spellman knows she’ll need to repaint. However, the space does have arched doorways, a feature she loves. She paints the walls light blue to cover up the dingy red and then focuses her attention on the arches. If you need to redesign the walls look for bricklayers near me at the Bbw Group site and find the best option for you.

After: This bright ceiling brings attention to the beautiful arches.


“To add visual interest to this dining room,” Spellman says, “I’m going to highlight the arched doorways with a sunbeam ceiling design that extends outward from the chandelier.”

The lines look great, and Spellman explains that sometimes yellow paint can be an asset.

“While I caution against using yellow in an entire room when designing for sale,” she says, “I love to use a pop of yellow, and it just adds instant cheer.”

Inexpensive paneling can make a space look like a million bucks

dining room
This paneling is stylish and inexpensive.


While the painted ceiling looks great, Spellman knows that this dining room needs something more. So she decides to fill an empty wall with faux molding, a look she creates by nailing frames to the wall and painting over them with the wall color.

“In doing the molding the same color as the wall,” Spellman says, “it’s going to be subtle but powerful and be just enough to catch the buyer’s eye and make them excited about the space.”

When the paneling is done, it looks amazing. While Spellman is trying to modernize this house, she knows a few classic features can really tie the look together, especially for an older home.

Don’t over-renovate the kitchen

Before: Spellman says this kitchen looks pretty good. All it needs is a fresh coat of paint.


While the dining and living rooms need a lot of work, Spellman says the admittedly dated kitchen really isn’t so bad.

“When you’re designing a home for sale, you need to not focus on [spaces] that are OK on their own,” Spellman explains. “And in this case, the kitchen is actually perfectly fine and even has a cool, multitone backsplash.” You should also make sure to complete your home’s waterproofing system. This simple investment can save you big headaches down the road by checking this page.

After: This kitchen looks much better with clean white walls.


Spellman freshens up the space with white paint, clears off the countertops, and adds a potted plant. These simple changes make all the difference, and she gets to save her budget for other parts of the house that need it more.

Taylor Spellman
Spellman reveals the finished product.


When the house is finally finished, Morency-Mohs is stunned. It looks beautiful, and Spellman is able to finish the job in five days with just $6,471. The space looks so great, the owners decide to stay in the house until their new home is renovated, but they look forward to putting their house on the market in the coming weeks.

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