What Is Modern Farmhouse—and Why This Decor Style Won’t Die Anytime Soon

What Is Modern Farmhouse—and Why This Decor Style Won’t Die Anytime Soon

What is Modern Farmhouse? Plus, 4 Other Spinoff Farmhouse Styles

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Modern farmhouse style has been a part of interior design vernacular for years now. This common home aesthetic, which focuses on a laid-back farmhouse feel mixed with sleek details, can be found everywhere.

“In general, this style is so popular because it perfectly combines rustic and antique elements with a bit of modern sophistication,” says Maria Castillero, lead designer at Spacejoy.

The modern farmhouse style borrows some of its main tenets from the traditional farmhouse interiors, which date to the 1700s. This rustic aesthetic was prevalent in Europe and became common in the United States shortly thereafter.

In recent years, the modern farmhouse has gained popularity through Chip and Joanna Gaines. It was their famous 2013 HGTV show, “Fixer Upper,” that put this revamped aesthetic on the map.

“Chip and Joanna were able to bring together the best of the old and the new to create warm, inviting, and beautiful spaces,” says Castillero.

Characteristics of modern farmhouse

If you were to step through the front door of a home decorated in modern farmhouse style, you’d notice that the color palette is neutral, the furniture is comfortable with clean lines, the vibe is sophisticated yet welcoming, and the accessories are made of natural materials.

A modern farmhouse also includes the following design features:

  • Reclaimed wood
  • Shiplap or board and batten on the walls
  • Brick details, either lime-washed or in their natural red color
  • White, beige, or gray furniture
  • Midcentury-style chairs
  • Wide-plank hardwood floors
  • A white granite or marble countertop
  • Grain sack, ticking stripe, or gingham fabric
  • An apron sink (sometimes called a farmhouse sink) in the kitchen
  • Pendant lights
  • Wicker baskets
  • Wrought-iron and brass accessories

Many people have gravitated to the modern farmhouse because it can easily work with other design styles. In recent years, there have been many spinoffs of this beloved style. Below, we dive into some of the most common farmhouse-inspired designs and how you can incorporate them in your own home.

Bohemian farmhouse

Boho farmhouse is a more laid-back take on the modern farmhouse.


If you are looking for a design that combines the chic effortlessness of bohemian style with rustic accents, then the bohemian farmhouse is for you.

Decorist designer Tina Martindelcampo explains that this popular style mixes bright and multiprint boho fabrics with plants, natural woods, and raw metals. Imagine a rustic living room dotted with hanging plants and jewel-toned floor cushions.

“To nail boho farmhouse style, mixing textures is everything,” says Lina M. Gómez of Nemai Studio.

Gómez points out that this style incorporates leather and wood along with elements that are often associated with boho decor. This includes shag pillows, velvet materials, and macrame.

“With this style, you can also include more vibrant and warm colors like rust, pink, and mustard,” says Gómez.

Coastal farmhouse

Coastal farmhouse uses a mix of seaside accessories and distressed wood with natural fibers.


“Coastal farmhouse really shows off the more relaxed, airy vibe of both coastal and farmhouse designs,” says Martindelcampo. “This design shows off old and new elements, and blue and white decor is the main event.”

To achieve the coastal farmhouse style, you should mix seaside accessories and distressed wood with natural fibers such as jute and sisal.

You can also experiment with wall paint colors that are inspired by the ocean. For example, calming shades of teal, blue, and green work well when matched alongside a neutral palette.

Finally, you can add low-sheen and distressed metals to give the style a more barnyard look. Country-inspired art also can be a great focal point.

“Balancing coastal decor with country art is the perfect recipe for coastal farmhouse design,” says Martindelcampo.

Scandinavian farmhouse

Scandinavian farmhouse decor is bright and light and features midcentury modern furnishings.


If you’re someone who loves modernist decor and clean color palettes, then you have to give Scandinavian farmhouse a try. This decor style often showcases light woods and white surfaces paired with contrasting black details, Martindelcampo points out.

Although it features juxtaposing light and dark colors, it still strongly leans toward a rustic, country farmhouse feel.

“If done right, it can be effortlessly relaxed with a minimalist vibe,” Martindelcampo says.

Put a Scandinavian spin on your farmhouse decor by placing darker details such as wooden frames on bright white walls. Place modern wishbone or Eames-style dining chairs around a rustic wooden dining table. Add a distressed wooden bench to the mix, and you’re all set.

Industrial farmhouse

Industrial farmhouse combines metals and live-edge pieces.


Raw materials such as concrete and natural color palettes come together to create an industrial farmhouse, a darker, edgier take on the modern farmhouse.

“Think of the idea of living in a warehouse and converting it to meet your standards,” says Martindelcampo. “Lots of open beams and raw edges make it a perfect setting for the industrial farmhouse aesthetic.”

You can also adopt this style by combining darker metals and live-edge wooden pieces, embracing exposed metal ceiling pipes, and installing tarnished wood cabinets.

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