Who Goes There: Louisiana Castle for Sale for $1.1M Comes With Drawbridge Door

Louisiana Castle For Sale for $1.1M


A father wanted his son to grow up in a castle, so he built one.

Now the 5,000-square-foot castle in Covington, LA, is for sale for $1,150,000.

“The owner built it with his own two hands. He’s a construction guy, and it’s a legitimate castle with lots of features that are medieval in nature, but it’s a newer construction property,” says listing agent Will Frederick, with Keller Williams Realty Services.

Backyard and pool

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Drawbridge door

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Castle details

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Completed in 2017, the three-bed, two-bath castle sits on a parcel of 8 acres.

“It’s got turrets like an actual castle does and the battlements and flagstone floors throughout. The front door is a reverse drawbridge that lifts up when you walk into it,” Frederick says. “It used to have a moat out front, which was a fun little addition. But he filled it in, so it is no longer there.”

The backyard has a pool and a fire pit with a copper dragon.

The castle exterior has a worn look, which was intentional.

“It’s like cement, so that discoloration is a natural weathering over time, so [the owner] kept it that way to make it look weathered and battle-worn,” Frederick explains. “There’s no damage, and it’s in perfectly good condition. You could probably pressure-wash most of it off.”


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The main bathroom has a shower that is unique.

“It is hand-laid Louisiana river rock, and it’s like cave effect with stone walls and a bunch of showerheads,” he says. “It’s the best shower I’ve ever used. The owner let me and my family stay there one night.”

The castle was once a popular vacation rental, going for about $215 a night. But Frederick says disputes with neighbors forced the owner to stop renting it out.

The reduction in income potential was a reason for a recent price drop. Also, a two-bedroom apartment and workshop are no longer part of the sale.

The property first came on the market in early 2021 for just under $3 million. In January 2022, the price fell to $2.5 million, then $1.5 million in October.

Dining room

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The seller wants to use the proceeds from the eventual sale to build another castle as part of a reality TV show, Frederick says.

Potential buyers are likely to be “someone who’s just got kind of a flair for the unique and just a really creative person, a person who’s just like a big dreamer, and somebody who happens to have money,” Frederick says.

“It’s a very cool listing. I’ve sold over 1,200 properties in my career, but I’ve never sold a castle, not yet,” he adds.

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